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Kalsarpa Yoga is the remedy for kalasharpa dosha and provides vitality, endurance, stamina and unparalleled power to the individual. People having Kalsarpa Yoga in their horoscope achieve success in their endeavours and attain popularity on account of these special qualities. It suits people who are in politics or spirituality more.

  • At the exact same time it also gives Rajyoga and removes Dosha that you have. The majority of the big-wigs in these areas have one common thing in their horoscope- they have Kalsarpa Yoga, which might be anything between Anant Kalsarpa yoga to Shesh Kalsarpa Yoga, based on the zodiac sign.
  • Therefore, Kalsarpa Yoga is nothing to worry about. It’s more relevant acording to Indian Jyotish customs, which considers that people with same stellar constellations complement each other well and are recognized worthy citizens.

Kalasarpa Dosha Remedies by Love Guru Ji

Rahu is a cruel planet, very like that of Saturn. In action, Rahu and Ketu aren’t real planets, they’re shadow planets only. We know that earth revolves round the Sun and Moon revolves around the earth. On its revolving path, earth strikes these two on opposite ends and these two ends (shadows) have been given names of Rahu and Ketu.

As these planetary constellations effect human lives, it’s been given a place in the research and its effects on individual’s thought process and life span is astrologically studied.

Rahu is high in Gemini and low in Sagittarius. Virgo is its friendly sign. On the other hand, Ketu is high in Sagittarius and low in Gemini. In behavior, Ketu is very similar to Mars, but comparatively mild. Saturn, Mercury and Venus are its friendly stars while Sun, Moon and Mars are enemies. Jupiter is the Samgraha.On the other hand, Ketu is favorable with Mars while Sun, Saturn and Rahu are planets. In the horoscope of people using Kalsarpa Yoga, all of the planets are placed in just 1 side, between Rahu and Ketu. It is thought that Rahu is snake’s head while Ketu is its tail in Kalsarpa Yoga. As all other stars are facing Rahu’s mouth, Kalsarpa Yoga is believed to give negative results. It’s believed that Kalsarpa Yoga is a result of killing Cobra in the former life. Therefore, such individuals are always prone to snake bites and often dreams of snakes quite often. It is pretty coming within 15 times when Kalsrapa Yoga enters gochar.

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  • It is not essential to Visit Trayambakeshwar to quell Kalsarpa Yoga or Pitridosh. It can be done anywhere besides a clean river or in a temple of Shiva. People often visit Trayambakeshwar for this function but it has not been provided for anywhere in the Shiva-puran.
  • People do not know about it and they copy each other just. To be true, priests in Trayambakeshwar do not take the aggrieved parties to the temple, they do it at the homes in stead, which isn’t very fruitful always.

Trayambakeshwar is just one of the 12 Jyotirlingas and a lot can be accomplished by making a visit to the place, not just quelling Kalsarpa Yoga and removing the kalasarpa dosha. Almighty has created planetary means to punish erring humans, but it has also provided for the capacity to quell it with the help of bhakti and mantras. If steps are taken to get rid of Kalsarpa dosha, make no mistake, that is not possible but relief up to the extent of 85 percent is possible and you can visit our expert astrologer Love Guru Ji at +91-91666-19266 Email: lovehelper09@gmail.com.

There are numerous means to pacify Kalsarpa Yoga. If proper measures are taken according to spiritual procedure under the guidance of an experienced astrologer or priest like Love Guru Ji, it’s possible to prevent its bad results. Following are a few common means. Do Nag Panchami vritta and wear a ring with snake enshrined over it or consult Love Guru Ji.

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