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Teenage Love Problems

Love is a beautiful feeling in the world that is the one of the best things happens between two opposite genders and being in a teen age you will be having lot of attractions towards love and you always wish to have a partner at that age either to share your personal feelings or maybe any other reason. But lot of teenagers get breakup and suffer a lot at very small age which you don’t have to if you find and choose the correct partner

Reasons for Teenage Love Problems


Teenagers are young and inexperienced; while they Think they know what’s best, a parent can see psychological destruction long before the adolescent feels it. This immaturity, both of experience and emotion, can cause teenagers to think they are in love when they’re in fact infatuated. This infatuation can cause teens to experience reduced self-esteem, devastation and depression once the relationship ends.


A Teen may feel pressure to do things that she does not want to do while in a relationship. A boyfriend might ask her to go places or do things to prove that she “loves” him, or she may do things because it seems as if the rest of her friends are participating. Talking to your teenager about how to say no and when to leave a situation can help her understand when she is being pressured. The Guttmacher Institute notes that nearly half of American teens are sexually active, and too often this is caused by pressure.


A teen relationship, even a casual one, can wreak havoc on your teen’s grades. Spending time with his girlfriend and neglecting homework, or even skipping college together, can take his attention off the important things and cause his grades to slide. Your teenager should understand that relationships are a privilege, and that his education comes first.

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Dependency and Self-Worth

Too Often teenagers enter into a relationship before they love even themselves, which turns into dependency. Kimberly Krieger, writer of “Teen Love: On Relationships, A Book for Teenagers,” urges teens to learn more about themselves, cultivate their personalities and find their self-esteem before trying a relationship. The first love is with the individual that your teen sees in the mirror. If she enters a relationship with no confidence, it won’t be long until she begins to believe that her value is only as half of a teen couple.

Social Status

Being Part of a few can change your teen’s social standing at school. He Might feel like he is not popular unless he is with his girlfriend, or a Girl could be given an “easy” tag because she dates a lot. Unfortunately, social standing means almost everything to a teenager, so When his social standing is raised or lowered because of his relationship, He’ll experience an artificial increase in self-confidence, or feel badly About himself because of his standing.

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